Alexander von Humboldt German International School



At AvH, the start of high school begins in Grade 5 with an enriched curriculum in the natural and social sciences. All science classes remain compulsory throughout the student's stay at AvH. 

We pride ourselves on a trilingual education. Our students are taught in German which is the main language of instruction; in French, with multi-level lessons depending on the student's level and, over the years, more classes are taught in English such as computer science and politics.

The school satisfies both German as well as Quebec education requirements, enabling students to graduate with a High School Diploma or they may choose to complete Grade 12 and earn the German International Abitur. This is an internationally recognized and highly regarded diploma which gives students incredible flexibility to study at universities around the world.

AvH teachers encourage students to explore and support them in their individual quests for knowledge. A small student/teacher ratio, especially in core subjects, helps each student develop their unique talents and interests to the fullest.

Open House

October 13, 2017
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

About Alexander von Humboldt

216 Victoria
Baie-D'urfé, QC

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