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Michelle Vaudrin: School Founder and Passionate Leader

The latest research in education supports my profound belief that a child best flourishes in a safe, loving, and rich environment. My insatiable appetite to learn about human development, the brain, and the best methods to achieve maximum potential have driven me to create such a place.

I view all kids as whole beings in constant evolution instead of classifying them according to grades on report cards. Each person at Vaudrin Academy is expected to do their best in every task undertaken. If a student receives 85% on a test, but I know they can do better I’ll gently ask them what happened. If a student receives 65% and gave it their all, I’ll encourage them to savour their success and keep reaching higher. Our growth mindset culture is present from our Montessori preschool children to our grade 6 scholars.

My goals are plenty. I make sure strong bonds are forged among everyone at our school to create the acceptance and trust needed to take risks, learn from our failures, and push ourselves further than ever. I ensure each individual has a voice and feels a sense of belonging so cooperation and communication can flow naturally. The precious time with my students is an opportunity to model and discuss empathy, creativity, integrity, perseverance, self-regulation, and generosity – the tools necessary for true happiness and success beyond school. My job is to inspire them to make our world a better place by using their unique talents.

About Académie Vaudrin Academy

1255 Émile-Bouchard
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec H7V 0B7

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